Helping individuals and organizations
prepare for the future by adopting AI effectively.

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AILTI is a consultancy agency that helps individuals and organizations get ready for the future. We specialize in teaching people how to use AI effectively, to make AI accessible and understandable for everyone, ensuring that both people and businesses can keep pace with digital changes.

Brand identity and communication tools
The brand: AILTI's brand growth and education initiatives were driven by a multifaceted role that encompassed various responsibilities. This included brand design, website development, brochure creation, and social media ad campaigns, all of which contributed to the brand's expansion and visibility.
The tools: Comprehensive curriculums were crafted and engaging workshops were led for diverse audiences, including banks, universities, Chamber of Commerce, advertising agencies, and parents. These workshops aimed to educate and empower participants on AI literacy and its applications, promoting a deeper understanding of AI and its potential uses.

"Thank you very much for moderating an insightful conversation on AI litteracy. The real life examples and practical tips will definitely help my thought process on benchmarking our individual AI literacy in an ever changing AI ecosystem!"

Caroline P-G

Programme Manager- Cyber Fusion- Standard Chartered

10/10 would recommend inviting the brightest and most innovative Parisian I know into your offices to drop some tips, tricks and major learnings on the best ways to leverage AI and the pits to avoid. When Laurent Pastorelli asked me “What do you think when you hear AI” I said “I don’t trust it” and the conclusion of his session was... Let it help you, but never trust it. Smart man this one. Thank you for the time to educate this AI skeptic.

Sarah Emmanuel-Cheong

Managing Director at UltraSuperNew | Campaign Asia Women to Watch

Copyright 2024 by Laurent Pastorelli

Copyright 2024 by Laurent Pastorelli

Copyright 2024 by Laurent Pastorelli