Hello! I'm Laurent,
a passionate creative strategist and technologist with 20 years of experience at the intersection of technology and business. I believe design should find simple solutions to complex problems. As technology evolves, so do I, constantly learning and adapting to stay ahead of the curve.

My background at Meta Creative Shop has instilled a results-driven mindset, and I'm dedicated to delivering impact for businesses. With a proven track record of achieving both creative excellence and tangible results, I'm excited to collaborate and drive growth for your organization.

Throughout my career, I've honed my skills in various design fields, with a focus on driving results for social good. I believe in the power of communities to create change.Sharing knowledge and expertise is essential to me, and I'm committed to fostering teams towards higher levels of creativity and quality.

I am also running an experiment, if you want to participate, you can go to this link and ask questions to my "digital twin" here: Laurent's twise


  • I had the privilege of working with Laurent on my team at Meta. His passion, his optimism and can do attitude, highly contagious. He never says no to challenges and always emerges at the end with results and gratitude. Throughout his transition from designer to strategist at Meta, he has stepped up to lead important conversations around creativity and innovation with senior leadership. Laurent is also super proactive at identifying and unlocking untapped opportunities leveraging his influence, connections and passion for innovation. Everyone loves working with Laurent and soon, you will too

    Jimmy Lee

    Head of Global Clients, Creative Shop

  • Working with Laurent for nearly four years at Creative Shop APAC has been a pleasure. As a designer or a creative strategist, Laurent always delivers talent, creativity, and commitment. His curious mind leads him to fresh perspectives, resulting in innovative work. Passionate about art and new technologies, he always brings his experiments down to earth and applies them to our clients. He is also an incredible teammate, sharing his learnings and supporting other team members.

    Angela Bassichetti

    Head of Creative Shop APAC na Facebook

  • Working with Laurent was a gift, I’ve always admired his design talent and deep interest for tech. Making everything he touched a LOT better, it didn’t take long for him to grow from designer to one of the most talented (and quirky) creative strategists on the team. Leading global campaigns for our biggest clients, successfully balancing strategy, design and creative thinking to develop beautiful work that works, a rare trait in this field. All while being one of the kindest, most generous and humble person that I’ve ever worked with. And luckily, I still find ways to work with him from time time.

    Rafael Guida

    Director, Global clients, categories & agencies at META Creative

  • Working with Laurent on our omnitool development project was a standout experience. He is a creative and intelligent partner who quickly mastered new technologies, such as Figma and GenAI tools, which were crucial to our project’s success. Laurent’s passion and collaborative nature made the process not only productive but also enjoyable. He consistently exceeded our expectations, bringing innovative solutions and positive energy to the team. His contributions were not just functional but transformative, pushing the boundaries of what we believed possible. I wholeheartedly recommend Laurent for any role requiring creativity and strong technical acumen. I hope to collaborate with him again in the future.

    Minhye Kim

    Staff Engineer | ex-Meta

  • Laurents creative brain never stops. He's always awash with ideas and unlike many people, he actually brings his ideas to life whenever he can. From lamps, electric skateboards, recipes, drawings&sketches to campaigns he's inexhaustible. But what makes him great to work with is that he's a very interesting person who dances to the beat of his own drum. He's a down to earth human being with a great mind.

    Caroline Slootweg

    Co-founder Kelp Blue | CEO Kelp Blue Biotech | Seaweed Evangelist | IMAGINE Leader | Regenerative Agriculture Champion

  • I had the great opportunity to work with Laurent on multiple projects for some of our biggest and Global clients at Meta that were centered innovations, Ar and full funnel campaigns . Having Laurent as a partner was crucial in our global team and for our client partnership. He is a Creative technologist that masters our biggest tech tools, and is a strong lead to discuss with engineers but also translate it into creative outputs. Laurent is a true unique combination of creative excellence, tech and several vertical expertise with a strong focus on customer centricity, he's also a joy to work with, always getting into the works, going beyond his own task, always ready to explore options...He is a true established Creative that is a competitive differentiator in any Global partnership.

    Ginevra Capece Galeota

    Director ex-Meta / Global branding expert - C-level-friendly creative director - Highly versatile storyteller through Innovation- SheSaysMentor

Copyright 2024 by Laurent Pastorelli

Copyright 2024 by Laurent Pastorelli

Copyright 2024 by Laurent Pastorelli