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AI literacy should be available to everyone due to its wide-ranging applications in various fields. It's a powerful tool that can open up job opportunities, boost creativity, and demystify complex ideas.

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Hackathon with Singapore Institute of Management (SIM)
AILTI hosted a successful hackathon with SIM involving 80 students in 20 teams. The event highlighted women in AI with significant female participation and focused on open-source AI tools Omnitool and Replicate. 
Participants gained valuable knowledge using AI tools and Large Learning Language Models, fostering teamwork and technical skills. The hackathon aimed to promote practical learning and its significance in creative problem solving. It also ignited interest in AI's potential, making it more accessible to a wider audience. The event showcased the real-world applicability of AI technologies and emphasized the leadership of women in AI at SIM.
We partner with Replicate, so the students could have a free access to all the models and build their prototypes.
Na'amal hackathon
The hackathon spanned across Singapore, Ethiopia, and Kenya, encouraging the creation of practical, innovative solutions through generative AI technology, mindful of Gen AI's limitations and possibilities.

Na’amal aims to provide equitable remote work opportunities for refugees and marginalized communities. AILTI seeks to equip individuals and organizations with the skills to effectively utilize AI. Together, we utilized the Replicate open-source platform for the latest in Gen AI models.

This hackathon wasn't merely a competition; it was a chance for participants to deepen their AI understanding, collaborate, and devise scalable real-world solutions. It underscored the evolving landscape of remote work and the critical role of AI technology and problem-solving skills.
By providing access to open-source AI tools and large language models, these events have empowered participants to explore the potential of AI and develop practical solutions to real-world challenges. As the person responsible for business development, I am proud to have played a key role in securing the partnership with Replicate, which has been instrumental in providing participants with free access to cutting-edge AI models and tools. Hackathons are a platform to grow a community, and we are excited to continue fostering a vibrant and diverse community of AI enthusiasts and innovators.

"... Our learners were able to gain hands-on experience in cutting-edge AI technology while honing their problem-solving skills crucial for the evolving remote work landscape..."

Lorraine Charles

Executive Director/Founder, Na'amal

"I'm delighted to commend AILTI for their exceptional support and collaboration during the SIM ITC x Applied AI hackathon 2024. Their adept utilization of cutting-edge tools like Omnitool, proactive problem-solving, and meticulous attention to detail made the event seamless and efficient."

Chiang Yi Chen

Final Year Student at University of London, SIM IT Club

Copyright 2024 by Laurent Pastorelli

Copyright 2024 by Laurent Pastorelli

Copyright 2024 by Laurent Pastorelli